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Welcome to the Eastern Aerosol Association.   We are constantly updating our Linked In page with Industry updates and event updates and pictures.  

We just finished two very successful events.  In June we hosted a Networking and Meeting event at the Somerset Patriots home.  Not only were you treated to a great Keynote presentation from Manav Lalwani and his team from American Spraytech, you also got to see the Aerosol Can Recycle on field promotion that has been seen by over 10 million fans!  There was also plenty of time for networking during the game.

We also just finished our 27th annual Golf Outing at Fox Hollow Golf course in North Branch NJ. Everyone had a awesome time.  

HCPA’s Blessing talks Aerosol Recycling to the group…

Your EAA Board wants to hear from you as well.  We are willing to listen to new ideas and content suggestions for meetings, formats and anything else you can think of that will help us all learn from each other.  You can reach us on twitter, Linked-IN and our website.

Be well and safe. Remember to keep checking our website (www.easternaerosol.com) for up to date information on EAA events.

Dennis Smith

President – Eastern Aerosol Association